Thursday, October 30, 2008

WDOS Question

OK, Here is how I would like this to work. I will give a safety related question here on the blog, and if any one can look up and find the correct answer in the regulations and raise their hand when asked about the WDOS (What Does OSHA Say) for the month, that person will get a coin from Telcom Insurance. Collect two coins, and you get a Utilicom Safety Ball Cap. Pretty easy. I will try to get some of you managers involved and maybe you can put up some things to hand out to those that participate.
OK, the first WDOS: What Does OSHA Say regarding the modifciation or alteration of fork lifts if the modification or alteration effects capacity, and where did you find the regulation. We will have another session on how to read the regs later for those that may not know how.
See you in the next Rapp Session!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Market Trouble-WDOS

Ok, things are looking bleak out there for everyone. The market is nose diving, investors are weary and are pulling out, the global economy is stumbling, GM is lower than it was in 1929 before the big crash, holy cow!, it is wild out there. In all of this, I of course have to take the safety side of things. We still need to identify and eliminate hazards, we still need to educate our employees about unsafe practices and situations, and as a matter of fact, maybe now it is even more important due to the costs associated with accidents. For the sake of your employees, don't let up now. Let's refocus our efforts, and put safety first. If safety really hasn't been on the forefront of you company culture, why not put it there now. With the average accident potentially costing upwards of $18 - 20,000, it behooves us all to restrict unsafe behaviors and unsafe situations. A small effort now can pay off with huge dividends later. My new montra, What Does OSHA Say (WDOS), will be pushed for the time being. I will challenge each of you with regualtion hunts (that's what I call them) during class this month, to find and read the regs on your own, and answer questions about what you found. If you hadn't guessed I took that from the WWJD. I hope it's not sacreligious, I am using it anyway. So remember, WDOS. See you in safety training!

Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!