Thursday, December 4, 2008

Read The Regulations Comments

Please do not answer the RTR questions in the comment section. Hold on to your answer until I see you in the next Rapp Session training. I don't want you to give your answer away. What I would like for you to comment on during this posting, are other possible items that could be used for rewards. I was thinking originally about the ball caps of course at first. Then the Carhart work jacket, then maybe a rifle or shotgun. I am more then willing to entertain any ideas you may have. So send those ideas in. Look to the right for the new RTR question for December. Good luck, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WDOS Question

OK, Here is how I would like this to work. I will give a safety related question here on the blog, and if any one can look up and find the correct answer in the regulations and raise their hand when asked about the WDOS (What Does OSHA Say) for the month, that person will get a coin from Telcom Insurance. Collect two coins, and you get a Utilicom Safety Ball Cap. Pretty easy. I will try to get some of you managers involved and maybe you can put up some things to hand out to those that participate.
OK, the first WDOS: What Does OSHA Say regarding the modifciation or alteration of fork lifts if the modification or alteration effects capacity, and where did you find the regulation. We will have another session on how to read the regs later for those that may not know how.
See you in the next Rapp Session!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Market Trouble-WDOS

Ok, things are looking bleak out there for everyone. The market is nose diving, investors are weary and are pulling out, the global economy is stumbling, GM is lower than it was in 1929 before the big crash, holy cow!, it is wild out there. In all of this, I of course have to take the safety side of things. We still need to identify and eliminate hazards, we still need to educate our employees about unsafe practices and situations, and as a matter of fact, maybe now it is even more important due to the costs associated with accidents. For the sake of your employees, don't let up now. Let's refocus our efforts, and put safety first. If safety really hasn't been on the forefront of you company culture, why not put it there now. With the average accident potentially costing upwards of $18 - 20,000, it behooves us all to restrict unsafe behaviors and unsafe situations. A small effort now can pay off with huge dividends later. My new montra, What Does OSHA Say (WDOS), will be pushed for the time being. I will challenge each of you with regualtion hunts (that's what I call them) during class this month, to find and read the regs on your own, and answer questions about what you found. If you hadn't guessed I took that from the WWJD. I hope it's not sacreligious, I am using it anyway. So remember, WDOS. See you in safety training!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Big Day for The Smaller Wage Earners

That's right. Today, July 24th 2008, is the day the minimum wage increases to $6.55. That should do the trick, everyone take a breath of relief. I remember making about $320.00 on my first check I got in Basic Training. Considering we worked 24/7 (about 336 hours) that amounts to, what, about $0.95 an hour. Times are a changin'. Be safe out there, remember, someone else is relying on you.

In Him,

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man, It's Hot

Watch yourself this summer. It is very hot where I am, 102 today. I know I keep stressing fluids, but I am doing it again. Drink fluids all day. Don't risk it with this heat. If you don't need to be outside, then don't go. If you can do your shopping in the evening then do so. If you are going to exercise, do it early or late in the day. Take breaks often. If you feel the effects of the heat, stop what you are doing and assess yourself for symptoms. Be mindful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Had Ups and Downs

Work wise, June was great! NTCA, TELCOM and Utilicom Safety all had a great OSHA conference on the 18-19th. We have had a lot of positive feedback on the session and I am excited about taking it around the state. If you attended the OSHA Rapp Session in June be on the look out for your cards and Regulation Manuals. I wanted to express my thanks to all that attended and to say how much I appreciate the candor, the courtesy, and participation that all provided. It was a great time for all I believe.
Personal wise, June sucked. With the diabetes and the weight fluctuation (it seems to be steadying off) I had some rough days. But after seeing the dietitian I feel much better and have learned what I can and cannot eat. Have been exercising more and feel alot better. July and August are starting to look really busy. I will be all over the place and eating will be a challenge.
Remember, keep yourself hydrated, cut out the high fats at lunch, and limit you carb intake.
In Him

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big News for Me

Well, for those that care, I got some big news last Thursday. It seems my busy schedule, excessive traveling and poor eating habits have caught up with me. Although I have been working out and have cut out soda (diet and regular), and have dropped 28 lbs., I seem to have acquired Diabetes. So even more drastic changes will have to be made to my lifestyle. I though it might be interesting to post my progress, some of you may not care, but I think it may be therapeutic for me. So I will post a list of my blood sugar and times. My goal is to get under 130 in the mornings. Today I was 187. That is better, however, then the 314 I had when I found out I had Diabetes. So I may discuss diet, good grilling recipes and preventative measures also in the new Health Section of this blog. I just want to stress to anyone that even reads this blog who cares about their health, we all need to do better in our eating habits and how we maintain our fitness. So, come on and take a diabetic ride with me, who knows, maybe we might do some good for someone. If you are diabetic also and feel that this might be a good place to vent, discuss, share or whatever, then feel free, that is the purpose of a blog. Take care, eat right, exercise, and keep reading this blog.

In Him,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time to think of the Heat

It is that time of year again. Summer Time. If you are part of the Utilicom Safety Family then you live in a hot climate. Fluids, fluids, fluids. Drink water or sports drinks as often as you can. But don't rely only on the sports drinks. Water is really that best thing for you. Your urine should be clear with a slight yellow hue to it at the end of the day. I say it every year, because it is true. It your urine is dark (a little smelly too) then your getting dehydrated. Drink more fluids. Watch your high calorie and fatty foods in the summer also (well really all the time). If you partake of alcohol, make sure you drink the equal amount of water the next day on top of what you should already be drinking. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are not laughing matters, they are serious medical conditions. Don't forget your sun block and hat either. Long sleeved shirts and bug repellent should also be worn. And if you have any money left over after all that, buy some gas and try to get to work. Side Note-Get ready for some opinion: If you haven't gone to see the movie by Ben Stein called EXPELLED, No Intelligence Allowed, then you really owe it to yourself to go. If you are a lover of free speech, if you agree with the scientific approach to questioning the known and the accepted, if you agree with freedom and the unhindered exchange of ideas (especially in our colleges and universities), then you must see this movie. It is upsetting, scary, enlightening, and a necessary that you see this film. If you see it, write me back in the comments portion and let me know what you think.
In Him,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

OSHA Training

If you haven't already seen the announcement for the OSHA 10 Hr. Outreach Training put on by NTCA in June, go to their website and check it out (I'll be doing the training). If you can't make it to Dallas in June, then don't worry, because Telcom Ins. Group and I (Utilicom Safety) are going to bring the class to a location near you. So be on the look out for our OSHA 10 Hr. "Rapp Session" Texas Tour (Arizona too). We are going to create clusters in Texas, i.e. North West Texas, West Texas, South Texas, Central Texas, South East and East. We are also going to have an Arizona Cluster near Phoenix. I am still waiting for some slogans, so y'all get busy.
In Him,

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I would like anybody who wishes to send in their safety slogans to me here on the comments portion of this post. I will pick my favorite and use it in the next month's safety training Rapp Sessions and give the person who sent it all the credit. Please keep them clean as this blog is open to all. Try things like "Safety First Will Make Your Safety Last." (It's mine.) Go ahead, be creative, have fun. I might even put it on a hard hat sticker.

In Him

Friday, April 25, 2008

April's Training High Points

It is the time of year that insects, and critters of all sorts come out to play. This week alone, I have had installers kill a few Black Widows, one Brown Recluse, and had a Brown Recluse bite an office worker. Several snakes have been reported and a few have been killed. The bees and wasps are abundant as well as every other creepy crawly thing out there. It is time to be vigilant. Watch where you put your hands, leave your cologne at home, and don't put yourself in a position that might jeopardize your safety. Long sleeved pants and shirts are a must in the summer. Remember that if you are bitten or or stung while at work, it is considered a workplace injury and depending on the severity it may turn into a recordable injury. You need to report it immediately so your supervisor can take care of you. If bitten, don't wait, report.
Next month the majority of the Training Rapp Sessions will consist of Working in Hot Weather (and for the service industry crews, Dog Bite Prevention.
See you then, and remember."Safety first will make your safety last!"
In Him

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Beginnings Aren't Always Good.

I received some really upsetting news this evening. Today a 21 year old attempted to take his life in a very gruesome way. As of this posting he is still with us being tended to by a very capable ED staff. This young man's life, if he decides to fight for it, will never be normal again. The surgeries, the pain, the odd looks he will receive, are just too terrible to think about. I am reminded of how much our actions affect those around us. We really never know the effect we may have on somebody years down the road. So here is where I implore you. Be mindful of your words, your actions, and even your thoughts. Only do things that builds up the person next to you. Hold you tongue, and put your needs aside. What if we did these things for a short while, say a week. Could it make a difference? I am willing to try. We may think we already do these things, and maybe you do. However, I tend to think that we have become a rather narcissistic nation. These are just a few thoughts to dwell on. If you have the time, say a prayer for this family. They have a long row to hoe, and they'll need your prayers. This new beginning is not going to be exciting nor good.
In Him

New Beginnings are Always Exciting

Welcome to my latest attempt at grasping technology. My original idea for having a blog was to reach all those clients that I train monthly regarding safety issues and reinforce that training through the blog. I have a feeling that this may become so much more.
As time progresses, I plan to incorporate pictures from recent accidents, highlight outstanding employees for their safety efforts, and post upcoming events that I, Utilicom Safety will be conducting.
So please come back often, review the information, and feel free to comment on any thing I post on this blog. Remember, the safe way is always the best way.
In Him

Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!