Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I would like anybody who wishes to send in their safety slogans to me here on the comments portion of this post. I will pick my favorite and use it in the next month's safety training Rapp Sessions and give the person who sent it all the credit. Please keep them clean as this blog is open to all. Try things like "Safety First Will Make Your Safety Last." (It's mine.) Go ahead, be creative, have fun. I might even put it on a hard hat sticker.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

April's Training High Points

It is the time of year that insects, and critters of all sorts come out to play. This week alone, I have had installers kill a few Black Widows, one Brown Recluse, and had a Brown Recluse bite an office worker. Several snakes have been reported and a few have been killed. The bees and wasps are abundant as well as every other creepy crawly thing out there. It is time to be vigilant. Watch where you put your hands, leave your cologne at home, and don't put yourself in a position that might jeopardize your safety. Long sleeved pants and shirts are a must in the summer. Remember that if you are bitten or or stung while at work, it is considered a workplace injury and depending on the severity it may turn into a recordable injury. You need to report it immediately so your supervisor can take care of you. If bitten, don't wait, report.
Next month the majority of the Training Rapp Sessions will consist of Working in Hot Weather (and for the service industry crews, Dog Bite Prevention.
See you then, and remember."Safety first will make your safety last!"
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Beginnings Aren't Always Good.

I received some really upsetting news this evening. Today a 21 year old attempted to take his life in a very gruesome way. As of this posting he is still with us being tended to by a very capable ED staff. This young man's life, if he decides to fight for it, will never be normal again. The surgeries, the pain, the odd looks he will receive, are just too terrible to think about. I am reminded of how much our actions affect those around us. We really never know the effect we may have on somebody years down the road. So here is where I implore you. Be mindful of your words, your actions, and even your thoughts. Only do things that builds up the person next to you. Hold you tongue, and put your needs aside. What if we did these things for a short while, say a week. Could it make a difference? I am willing to try. We may think we already do these things, and maybe you do. However, I tend to think that we have become a rather narcissistic nation. These are just a few thoughts to dwell on. If you have the time, say a prayer for this family. They have a long row to hoe, and they'll need your prayers. This new beginning is not going to be exciting nor good.
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New Beginnings are Always Exciting

Welcome to my latest attempt at grasping technology. My original idea for having a blog was to reach all those clients that I train monthly regarding safety issues and reinforce that training through the blog. I have a feeling that this may become so much more.
As time progresses, I plan to incorporate pictures from recent accidents, highlight outstanding employees for their safety efforts, and post upcoming events that I, Utilicom Safety will be conducting.
So please come back often, review the information, and feel free to comment on any thing I post on this blog. Remember, the safe way is always the best way.
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Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!