Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas From Safety Man's Perspective

Ever had a hard time coming up with ideas for loved ones gifts? How about putting safety into the mix? What better way is there to show you love them then with their safety on your mind. So here are some ideas for you:
1. A decent fire extinguisher for the home or car.
2. A good ladder
3. Donate a jacket to a shelter for a needy child
4. A first aid kit
5. Schedule a first aid course that you can attend with your teenager.
6. New surprise tires for your spouse's car that need them.
7. Hand warmers.
8. A good ice scraper for a car window makes a great stocking stuffer.
9. Get your husband's chainsaw sharpened.
10. Have the chimney cleaned.

Ok, now you have the idea. Put safety first. I hope you have a great holiday whatever it is you celebrate. From me I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Craig Rapp
Utilicom Safety, LLC

Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!