Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Utilicom Safety, LLC is now on Facebook

If you would like to follow me on Facebook, you can. I know you all have so much free time that you have nothing better to do, but just in case, look my up on Facebook under Craig Rapp, or you can follow Utilicom Safety, LLC. Just type Utilicom Safety, LLC in the search box on Facebook, and it will go right to the site. Have fun. Merry Christmas.

Long Time Absent

Man, has it been a while since I last posted anything. Sorry for that. Of course there are probably not a lot of folks waiting to hear about safety stuff on my little ol' blog, but apologies non-the-less.
There has been alot of talk about OSHA coming and how we all have to be prepared. It is true. Each of you need to get it on your mind, that you will most likely be visited some time soon. Bone up, get your PPE on, (enforce that with your employees), make sure your recordkeeping is up, make sure your signage is up, complete your inspections, look for and correct hazards, and get your employees involved.
Don't let safety fall by the way side. In this economy, safety should not be left behind, but rather stepped up. Now is the time for each of you to really have the best possible employees out there. 1 in 6 Americans are nbot working. That means the pool of employees is vast to choose from. Use safety as a way of acquiring the best employees. If an employee does not want to abide by safety policy and rules that the government and your company has set forth, there are literally millions of people out there that will. A costly accident because someone neglected to follow basic safety procedures not only will result in medical costs, but higher insurance premiums, and a possible fine from OSHA. None of which help your bottom line.

Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!