Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Big Day for The Smaller Wage Earners

That's right. Today, July 24th 2008, is the day the minimum wage increases to $6.55. That should do the trick, everyone take a breath of relief. I remember making about $320.00 on my first check I got in Basic Training. Considering we worked 24/7 (about 336 hours) that amounts to, what, about $0.95 an hour. Times are a changin'. Be safe out there, remember, someone else is relying on you.

In Him,

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man, It's Hot

Watch yourself this summer. It is very hot where I am, 102 today. I know I keep stressing fluids, but I am doing it again. Drink fluids all day. Don't risk it with this heat. If you don't need to be outside, then don't go. If you can do your shopping in the evening then do so. If you are going to exercise, do it early or late in the day. Take breaks often. If you feel the effects of the heat, stop what you are doing and assess yourself for symptoms. Be mindful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Had Ups and Downs

Work wise, June was great! NTCA, TELCOM and Utilicom Safety all had a great OSHA conference on the 18-19th. We have had a lot of positive feedback on the session and I am excited about taking it around the state. If you attended the OSHA Rapp Session in June be on the look out for your cards and Regulation Manuals. I wanted to express my thanks to all that attended and to say how much I appreciate the candor, the courtesy, and participation that all provided. It was a great time for all I believe.
Personal wise, June sucked. With the diabetes and the weight fluctuation (it seems to be steadying off) I had some rough days. But after seeing the dietitian I feel much better and have learned what I can and cannot eat. Have been exercising more and feel alot better. July and August are starting to look really busy. I will be all over the place and eating will be a challenge.
Remember, keep yourself hydrated, cut out the high fats at lunch, and limit you carb intake.
In Him

Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!