Friday, February 24, 2012

Excavation Safety

For some of the Utilicom Safety family we are conducting a multiple part excavation safety series for the next few Rappsessions. Others will begin this same series next month, and still others the following. A special note to all involved in trenching and excavation work, please don't allow yourself to get into an excavation, whether it is a traditional trench, bell hole, or shallow opening, watch for the warning signs of wall collapse! Be ever mindful of fissures, cracks, loose pebbles trickling down wall face, seeping water of drastic changes in temperature! If that voice in the back of your head even starts to whisper to you that things don't look o feel right, get out of the hole! Ask yourself, are these walls sloped to the proper ratio? Have we classified this soil correctly? Should I be in a trench box? If we only think earnestly about what we are doing and the long term impact of our inappropriate actions, accidents can and will be avoided!

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Inspection is Crucial

Inspection is Crucial
Make sure you inspect your ladder regularly. Your safety depends on it!